AEC Young Professionals – Don’t miss CONSTRUCT!

Last year in St. Louis marked the first ever Young Professionals Day at the CONSTRUCT/CSI annual convention.  I was more than honored to be asked to plan and lead this event with a posse of volunteers.

This event is geared specifically towards Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals ages 35 and under.  Anyone who is a young professional in the built environment is invited to attend.  What is especially valuable is that a full education program (YP Day + CONSTRUCT) is offered at a greatly reduced price for the YP’s that attend.

Last year’s YP Day event was a test run.  I am proud that we sold out two months early and the event was a hit.  It has now been added to the regular schedule for CONSTRUCT, the allowed number of attendees has been expanded and I will again be leading the charge with this year’s event.  We have a lot of fun and the volunteers are hand-picked for their open minds and dedication to YP advancement.

So, why should you attend?  I could spend all day answering that question but here are the big reasons:

  1. You learned how to design in school. You likely did not get any real world project delivery education.
  2. Because of the generational shift, YP’s in our industry are being asked to step into roles that include contract documents, specifications and construction administration far earlier than ever before. The education and contacts that you will make at CONSTRUCT will pole vault you ahead of your peers.
  3. You will meet people who will become lifelong mentors. Knowledgeable, forward thinking people who respect young professionals and want to help you grow and advance faster.
  4. You will learn how to set yourself apart with education and guidance most YP’s don’t even realize they need. You will become a leader in your field.
  5. If you are in Architecture, you will learn how to navigate the ARE’s.
  6. You will learn how to take your current role and transition to a leadership role in your firm.
  7. You will have fun.

We have a group of passionate individuals in CSI who are dedicated to helping YP’s advance in their field.  This group respects what YP’s have to offer our ever changing AEC environment and realize that we have as much to learn from you as you do from us.  We want to bring everyone to the table with an equal seat to learn, grow and move ahead.

The feedback on this event from last year’s group of YP’s was overwhelmingly positive.  The only negative comment?  “We wish we had more mentoring time!”  We listened and responded.

The best value, by far, is the full education package.  At a reduced cost, you get the entire YP Day Event, full education package for the entirety of CONSTRUCT, Show Floor Access, YP Mixer, Networking lunch, CSI Night Out, General Session, Game Changer Session and Show Floor Happy Hours.  All of this for $225, substantially less than full members pay with your own all day event.  A super huge bonus is that CONSTRUCT is in Austin, Texas this year!  A city full of music, fun and excitement.

You can see the available YP packages and schedule here as well as information for students who may want to attend CONSTRUCT:

I am passionate about Young Professional Development and can’t tell you how much I wish there was an event like this for me early in career.  If you have a difficult time getting your employer to support your attendance at this event, please feel free to have them call me.  I am confident that I can convince them of the incredible value to your firm you will gain from the education you receive and the people you meet.  I am happy to answer questions.

Our YP’s last year loved this event.  I hope you get the same opportunity.  I am excited to meet you all in Austin!




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