Final Presidents Message to Portland CSI

This writing marks my final Presidents message to Portland CSI.  Beginning July 1st, Ellen Onstad of Dodge Data (who was actually born into CSI) will be your new Chapter President.  Ali Clark of Emerick Construction will be your new President Elect.  I will still be around as Immediate Past President for a while.

It has been a bit of a struggle to write this column.  What exactly do I want to say?  What words of wisdom can I impart as I step down and let the new leadership take over.

It only took a moment of thought – It’s about the people!

October will mark my 5 year anniversary in CSI.  I joined the Portland CSI Board of Directors within the first year of membership, first as a Director then President-Elect and then 2 years as President.  To say that I jumped right in would be an understatement.  I will never forget the day that I was at a CDT class when Russ Pitkin and Rick Heiserman (literally) cornered me after class and said “you need to be on the Board”.   I am thankful for that.

Portland CSI has done a lot, a whole lot, in the last few years.  We have become one of the ‘chapters to watch’ in the country.  Many Chapters have contacted me for advice and guidance when they are struggling.  I have received more than one pat on the back for that.

You know what?  It’s not because of me.  It’s about the people.

I have been truly blessed the last two years to work with the most positive, collaborative, unified and hard-working Board and Committees that any President could hope to have.  Not a thing that we have accomplished could have happened without them.   I DO NOT get the credit.

Our very committed volunteers have turned this Chapter around.  They are a group of people who look, every day, at how we can succeed, improve and “Go Big or Go Home”.  They are looking to the future and adamant that they will continue on that path.  They are the best of the best of the #CSIKraken.

CSI welcomes all disciplines to the table.  CSI is about collaboration, knowledge sharing, education and making lifelong connections.  Portland CSI is doing an amazing job and I am very, very proud.

I will not name names because I would live in abject fear that I might forget someone and showing my appreciation to each and every one of them is the most important thing that I can do.

So, to each of you that I have had the extreme pleasure of working with the last two years, THANK YOU!  Thank you for your dedication, thank you for your hard work, thank you for your commitment to making our Chapter vibrant again, thank you for your undying support, thank you for your heart and thank you for making me look good.

You are the heart and soul of this organization.  Without you, we would flounder and fail.

For me, this journey has been an interesting and empowering one.  If you ever question the value of CSI Membership, you are not doing it right.  I have grown tenfold as a person and as a professional in my short tenure in CSI.  I have learned from the best (in every discipline) and stepped out of my box and discovered things I didn’t even know that I would be capable of achieving.  I have CSI friends across this country that I now consider my family.  They are there for me both personally and professionally any time that I need them.

So what is my parting message?  Those who know me will expect this.  It is . . .

Go Big or Go Home

Throw Away the Box

Get to Know Everyone on the Project Team



Live, work and love with dedication and HUGE passion.

I am here, day or night, in support of our new leadership.  I have every confidence that I am leaving Portland CSI in even better hands than mine as I embark on my next set of CSI adventures.

So – Thank you my friends.  For everything.  You are the best!





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