Conferences Galore! Is CONSTRUCT Worth It?

Darn right it is!

CSI, and therefore CONSTRUCT, is unique. Most industry membership organizations are focused toward one discipline. Some you can’t even join as a full voting member unless you work in that particular discipline.

CSI is different and so is CONSTRUCT.

I have said it before – CSI is the best kept secret in the Industry.  CSI’s strength is Project Delivery Education from cradle to grave. What real world skills do you need to properly administer a project?  It’s all well and good that you learn to design or build in school but where do you learn how to deliver that design or building? You don’t! For almost all AEC professionals, there is very little to no education in this area until you join the workforce.  In my humble opinion, this is a travesty.  I mean really, who in their right mind wants to learn about risk as the result of a mistake simply because you never learned how to avoid that kind of mistake in the first place?

At CONSTRUCT and in CSI, this is exactly what you learn.  Don’t let the “Construction Specifications Institute” title fool you.  We are NOT all about Specifications and CONSTRUCT is a perfect place to see this first hand.

In order to appropriately learn how to deliver a project, you have to learn from every member of the project team.  Every discipline has to be at the table for this education to be truly worthwhile, complete and have the depth you need to make informed decisions.

CSI welcomes anyone in Architecture, Engineering, Construction or any discipline/profession that is involved in the built environment as equal voting members.  This is where CSI really shines and this is why CONSTRUCT is the best conference you can attend.

This year, I embark on my 4th adventure to CONSTRUCT in St. Louis September 30th  to October 3rd.  Wild horses couldn’t keep me away. The variety and depth of the educational sessions is unparalleled. That I can attend these classes, panel discussions and hands on events and then enjoy some lively discourse on the topic with all disciplines takes that topic to a completely different level.  I can’t possibly make educated decisions about how I work or problems I have with my projects if I don’t know what challenges the Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Owners and Product Reps face as well. Having been fortunate enough to work in AEC for a Contractor, Architect and Engineering Firm – I recognize the value of this all too well. I have a perspective that many do not because I have faced some of those challenges from different places in the process.  What I would give to have had this perspective early in my career.  What I would give to have realized the value of CSI and CONSTRUCT a long time ago!

Lucky for you, you can benefit from my lessons learned. You can figure this out long before I did.

In one place, you will learn more about current AEC trends, project delivery, solving project problems and the latest and greatest in products and their applications than you could learn in years otherwise.  The education is top notch, the product show is wide ranging and interactive, the tours are interesting and the fun events are not to be missed!

Even with all of that to look forward to at CONSTRUCT, the best part, hands down are the people.

CSI members are the most collaborative, knowledgeable and cooperative people that I have ever met. I have never encountered a group of professionals more willing to share to help you do your job better. Of course I have met many CSI Members in my monthly Chapter meetings and events but CONSTRUCT has provided me with the opportunity and access to these professionals from all over the world.  People I never could have met had I not attended CONSTRUCT. To have connections to such a wide variety of experts from far and wide is invaluable.

I now count many of these people as my friends.  While I may only physically see them once a year, they have become my mentors and go-to people year around when I face a challenge or new process at work and need information, guidance or help. They step up every single time.

Whether you are a young professional just getting started or a ‘seasoned’ member of the project team, you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge and trusted advisors that you did not have before you arrived. You will walk away wondering how you every got by without them. I will personally promise you that!

How lucky I am to have made that choice to attend my first CONSTRUCT.  I wish the same for you!

See you in St. Louis!


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