Tap Your Inner Child

Yesterday, I attended a memorial service for a long time former work colleague and friend taken from us at far too young of an age from the ugly disease of Alzheimer’s. While these things are never easy the amount of love and fond memories being shared was uplifting and inspiring.

While this blog is not really about Craig, it is about a reminder I received during this service. One of the most notable things about Craig was his determination to live his life his way, to enjoy the little things, to have fun and to be his own person, unapologetically. He was good at it. Craig epitomized a life that recognized his inner child. The video the family shared showed his signature happy grin over and over again as he was doing all kinds of silly things. We shared many a good laugh over the years.

In my grief and reflection after the service, I contemplated how I could honor Craig. How could I take the impact he had on my life and make sure some of his legacy lives on through me.

It’s somewhat ironic. I have been reacquainting myself with my inner child for some time. Her name is Peaches for those in the know and I had let her become a stranger.

Life is hard. The older we get, it seems the more expectations and responsibilities are heaped upon us. It is easy to get lost in the demands of work, family and everything else. Amidst those demands, we can lose our sense of adventure and fun. We can forget to play in the fountain, make a mud pie or hop on that roller coaster. We can forget how good it feels to be silly and have a good gut busting laugh.

It is almost a surprise when you have a glimmer of a moment of goofiness and realize just how good it feels. That’s when you know you have been neglecting your inner child. That’s when you realize that life balance includes the care and feeding of the child inside.

So today, in Craig’s honor, I am committing myself to giving Peaches an even bigger role in my life. I am letting her out to play more often regardless of whether people look at me like I am nuts. I am determined to recognize all of life’s simple pleasures and joys through the lens of the pureness of my inner child without the world’s expectations muddying the waters.

So if you see me sitting in a mud puddle, dancing in the rain or playing with a caterpillar, feel free to join in and let your inner child out to play. You just might like it.


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