Truth or Dare?

I hated that game when I was young.

Sometimes my inner child and the voices in my head collide. This typically leads to musings and thoughts to some interesting places. Don’t even ask me how I landed on this particular topic because I wouldn’t tell you but it led me to write this (actually short) blog.

Why did I hate this game so much? It took the control out of my hands, I might have to answer a question that would reveal too much of myself, or I might have to do something that would make me look stupid (horrors!) None of these things were very high on my list of entertaining activities. Most of all, it was the uncertainty of not knowing what was coming next.

The real “Truth” was that the game took me out of my comfort zone and that was not a place I cared to go.

Now I find myself revisiting the concept of Truth or Dare. I find myself looking at it with renewed interest and I think I want to play. I am finding that stepping out of your comfort zone, while disconcerting and scary at times, makes life pretty damn interesting and a lot more fun.

What is Truth?
o Maybe what that really means is not being afraid to be who you are, unapologetically.
o Maybe it is revealing your true self and trusting that the people who are meant to be in your life will accept that.
o Maybe it is not accepting anything less than you deserve.
o Maybe it is saying what is on your mind even when it is hard.
o Maybe it is truly being honest with yourself about how you want your life to be.
o Maybe it is letting your goofies take hold when you feel the need.

What about Dares?
o How about daring to let go of what doesn’t serve you.
o How about daring to give up some of that control you hold so dear.
o How about daring to try that thing you have always wanted to try. (Really, we can stop talking about the mechanical bull now!)
o How about daring to say what you really feel.
o How about daring to let your inner child out to play and play hard. (My new kiddie pool that is just for me comes to mind at this moment!)
o How about daring to step forward without knowing exactly what is coming next.
o How about daring to trust your gut that really wants something different.

So, starting today, I am playing Truth or Dare. I am going to challenge myself each day to find one truth and take on one dare (no, I am not asking for suggestions!)

Your assignment is to do the same (didn’t know you were getting homework did you?)   If you are really game, your “dare” is to come back here and share some of the things you have done

Who wants to play?



  1. I dare myself to continuously challenge the truths about myself, and change them when they don’t lead to improvement. For example:
    – Where have I accepted a belief that doesn’t have a basis in reality?
    – Where do I hold a bias that might be harmful to someone else?
    – How do I form my ideas, and how can I change that process so that I can identify and reject bad ones?


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