My First Blog – Part 1 of 3

This is my first blog. It’s too long. They won’t all be that way.

I don’t know yet where this is going. The possibilities range from thoughts on the AEC industry to personal stories of family, motivation, love and life’s daily challenges. The grammar won’t be perfect but what lands here will be from the heart. Who knows which voice in my head will be speaking on any given day.

The road that brought me here could fill the pages of a book. You may or may not get pieces of that story. Most of what really matters can be found on my “About Me” page. Some of you will come back and some of you will not. Either way, that’s OK. What I share here will not be for everyone but it will be honest and it will be me.

I agonized over the decision to take this step. Writing has been a life long passion, a childhood dream actually, but something I rarely share. I like to write about the real and have to be passionate about my topic in order to put words to the page. That made it difficult to find the confidence in myself to open this part of me to others. As much as I love people, I am a very private person when it comes to what matters most.

It’s funny how seemingly normal events can irreversibly change your path. In 2008, I lost my job of 23 years at an architectural firm. The economy tanked, I cried and hugged my boss and helped pack the last box out of our now closed firm. That was the first step in this particular phase of my journey.

It is beyond humbling to go from running a firm to working in your mother’s used clothing store for barely more than minimum wage. To go from doing what you want, when you want to struggling to put food on the table for your kids. At 43 years old, I was re-evaluating my life and wondering what I wanted to be when I grew up. This was the second step in this phase of my journey.

In 2010, I figured out that the AEC industry really was where I belonged. People were starting to hire again and I went to work for an engineering firm. A firm, lucky for me, that is very supportive of getting involved in industry associations for professional development. That is how I found CSI (Construction Specifications Institute). This was the third step in this phase of my journey.

In two short years in CSI, I have gone from achieving my CDT Certificate to being the President Elect of my Chapter. My journey in CSI and how it has enhanced both my life and career will be the subject of another blog but one particular event was pivotal in the path that I now find myself on. This was the seemingly normal event that changed my life. ~ Come back for Part 2 of My First Blog.




  1. Cherise, my wife and I were just talking about story writing at lunch today. She’s working on outlining her next book which just happens to carry forward her last one.

    When she reviewed the outline from the first book, she found it was a far cry from where the book actually went. She’s even written a blog about letting the story go where it may, but I think this blog is more relevant to your start:

    I think you’ve already figured out the ‘starting’ part, and if you really love to write as you profess herein, I believe you’ll find the rest will just evolve and flow naturally. Cheers!


    1. Stirling, thank you for sharing that. I felt like she was talking right out of my head. I am glad I am not the only one who has to clarify that I am not crazy. I have the same little scenarios running through my head. I appreciate you taking the time to provide some direction and support.

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