First Blog – Part 2 of 3

In 2013, I attended my 2nd CSI CONSTRUCT convention in Nashville.  A number of months prior to that, in a moment of total insanity (I have lot’s of those), I decided to submit a proposal to teach an educational session.  I have no idea what I could have been thinking.  I had never spoken in public unless you counted things like team mom announcements and I had never really taught except for training at work and helping my kids through life lessons. 

How could someone like me have something to offer industry leaders at the organizations biggest event of the year?  Honestly, I didn’t think it would get accepted anyway so I wasn’t sweating it too much.

 Imagine my horror when I got notice that I was accepted.  That wasn’t supposed to happen.  I had stepped so far outside of my box just submitting it.

 At my 1st CONSTRUCT in Phoenix, I met some incredible people.  Many of those relationships developed via Social Media during the year leading up to Nashville. 

 When it came time to deliver on my moment of insanity, these people supported me, encouraged me and cheered me on while I tackled something I never thought I could do.  They came when I took on one of my biggest fears and their brilliance guided me through.

That seemingly normal event changed the course of my life.  It came at a time when my life was changing and self-doubt was at an all time high.  It changed my life not because I was able to do the presentation.  I have a bit of a reputation of conquering what I put my mind to.  It changed my life because these people helped restore my faith in the awesomeness that is the human race and re-ignited my passion for living a life that is true to who I really am.

Amazingly enough, the presentation went well.  It wasn’t perfect but it was good enough and I am proud of it.  It was good enough because everyday people in my everyday life who didn’t know me from Adam one short year ago helped me believe again that I was good enough.  Without even knowing it, they gave me something priceless. ~~ Come back for the final Part 3 of my First Blog



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