First Blog – Final – Part 3 of 3

This year, I already have 14 classes, webinars or presentations on the calendar.  That is pretty cool.  But, what really matters is that I have found myself again.  I have begun my 2nd childhood.  I have rediscovered the music, reconnected with people who mean a lot to me, made snow angels and have become The Kraken (next blog).  I am inspired, committed and motivated to take life to a whole different level. That may not always be easy.

I would not be here without you.  You all know who you are.  But, to a special few:

Mr. Lussier – Your tweet was “you just need to translate what those voices inside your head say into words.”  That one single comment made it all so clear for me.  “The Voices in My Head” is dedicated to you, a true CSI Kraken and an inspiration.  It will take more than this one blog to thank you for all the ways you have made a difference.

Paul T. – You grabbed my hand, held it right up to the edge of the cliff and helped push me off.  Somehow encouraging me all the way.  In this very odd journey, you went from business associate to the brother I never had.  I do and will treasure you always.

Joy – You have this matter of fact way of making it right and bringing it into perspective.  I don’t know how you put up with all of us but I am truly grateful that you do.  Your influence and guidance reaches much further than you will ever know in ways you probably don’t even see.

Rick H. – You (and Russ) cornered me, literally, at a CDT class and said “we need you.”  You helped me belong in a new environment and have been a supporter and mentor since that day.  Thank you.

To all of the CSI Krakens – Thank you!  John D., Paul, Ellen, Erica B., Kait, Erica C., Skip, Nina, Chris B., Sheldon, Liz, Vivian, Marvin, John G., Lynette, Ginny, Mitch, Lori, Charles, Cliff, Dave, Thad, Carol, Corey M., Julie, Cherie, Linda, John L., Randy, Jody, Russ, Alicia, Alexander, Corey L., Marc, Bob, Cheryl, Fred, Jaci, Kathy – Please don’t let me have missed anybody!  If I did, I am sorry.

What am I trying to say?  How did I get here?  Somewhere I never thought I would be? 

I am trying to say you should never underestimate the power of the smallest gesture of kindness, the reach those few extra moments you take will have or how many lives you may affect by helping someone rediscover their fire.

I got here because a group of people, from a place I never would have considered, recognized and supported a passion that I had long ago buried.  A passion to make a difference, to help people, to succeed and to live life – to it’s fullest and unapologetically. 

They helped bring The Kraken alive and changed the course of my life.  For that, I will never find the right words. Image



  1. Oh sure Shacter, put the pressure back on me…since I have been so delinquent in my blogging!

    Great start my friend. It’s been a pleasure being part of your journey, even in some small way, from 2/3 of the way across the continent, in another country except for one extraordinary week in September…when we all come together to catch up, before missing seeing each other for an entire year again! Is it worth it…ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY!! I can hardly wait until Baltimore!!



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